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ONE STOP SHOP It is a phrase used to portray a location or avenue that provides various requirements or services available in one location. It was originated in the USA during the late 1920’s to early 1930’s and is still widely used now. You can see this everywhere, to grocery stores, merchandise shops, automotive services, […]

Why Is It Advantageous to Buy a Foreclosed Property?

Have you ever watched HGTV’s  programs where the hosts show what they do to the properties they find?  Are you aware that most of the time,  these shows feature  foreclosed homes which they refurbish and transform into nice and attractive dwelling places that could easily give passive income (rentals) or handsome profit after reselling? What […]

Foreclosed Condominiums but GOOD AS NEW! Make it home in QC!

People nowadays starts to be more practical and be more efficient in their living. Due to high demands at work, hectic schedules, and being consumed by the busy lives in the metro, a lot of individuals start to consider investing on condominium properties. We all know that there has been a lot of opportunities in the city that we could identify […]