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The My Saving Grace Story

My Saving Grace Realty and Development Corp. was founded by Mr. Ramil Alquileta, a struggling businessman who got buried in debt and became homeless as his own properties and assets had to be given up to cover heavy financial obligations. The experience prompted him to start a tiny brokerage business with what was left of his funds, coupled with the desire to succeed in business and provide him and other people houses they could own.  Mr. Alquileta formed My Saving Grace Realty & Development Corporation with the thrust of helping the hardworking Filipino acquire the best value for money property available in the market, on the foundation of doing business based on “Integrity before profits.”

Barely a decade ago, Mr. Alquileta was struggling to make ends meet, but with hard work and perseverance has made a business enterprise out of his startup. Three years after setting up MSGRDC, the company has sold over P500 million in houses and foreclosed properties and continues to service Filipinos for their realty needs.  The company has grown rapidly to become a leading realty firm in the market, recognized by its Property Developer and Bank partners in the Philippines.  Banco de Oro, the largest universal bank in the country, awarded MSGRDC and Mr. Ramil Alquileta the honor of being the BDO Broker of the Year  for three consecutive years, in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

– “We are always guided by the desire to help others, specifically overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), improve their standing in life by enabling them to obtain their dream homes and even start up their own businesses. I thank the people who have helped and trusted me. We have also done the same in return and have paid favors forward. I have helped people this way, thank God, many of them are successful now, achieving their dreams and making wise investments.” – Ramil Alquileta